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Hello to all of my dear friends:

It is with great joy that I announce that I will be retiring at the end of August. I have been working as a nurse 35 years, 33 of which have been in pediatrics. While I am joyful for this event, I am also sad to say so long to my dear friends at Just Us Kids Pediatrics. This includes those who I work with in the office and have spoken to and given advice to over the phone.

Many of my coworkers have been my friends for several years as we worked together prior to Just Us Kids. What a great group of people to call my friends. We have prayed together over our families and our patients. We have laughed and cried, celebrated the births of children and grandchildren, celebrated birthdays and holidays, rejoiced over the successes of our children as they have grown and shared our love for reading by trading books. I will be around to visit and go to lunch occasionally - so I am not gone for good. God has truly blessed me here.

Now to my other dear friends- those whose children I have watched grow through the years and those of whom I have only developed a phone relationship, I say you have touched my life. We have gone through seasons where you thought you just did not want to have to call yet again and then to calling only on a rare occasion because you listened carefully to past advice and now are a seasoned parent. I have so enjoyed our time through emails and phone calls. I have enjoyed the times when I could share a little from my personal life with having raised 4 absolutely wonderful children, and I am now blessed to be able to celebrate my first grandson who will soon be a year old. 

Thank you all for allowing me to be involved in your lives! I wish all my best and pray God will continue to bless the entire Jus Us Kids family as He has since it's beginning!

Just Us Kids- This is Gina- May I wish you a great day and may those little ones continue to bless you daily!!

Mercer University Award

On May 12th 2016, Dr. Justice was awarded the Mercer University Distinguished Community Medicine Preceptor award for 2016. DrJAward.JPG#asset:163

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To help prevent longer wait times, we are an appointment only office. We do not accept any walk-in appointments. Please call us at: 770-683-5437 to schedule a same day sick visit.

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What patients say Just Us Kids Pediatrics

  • Jonathan and Liz Melville

    We couldn't ask for better care for our daughter that what we receive from Just Us Kids. Dr. Justice and her entire staff do an amazing job caring for kids.

  • Paul & Jennifer Lewis

    Just Us Kids is always such a great experience. We transferred our littles to this practice about 2 years ago. I love that they ALWAYS work to get us in when we absolutely need it. Dr. Justice and both PA's are so kind, caring, and always take the time to answer all of our questions. Both our kids love each of them also. The front desk ladies, Meghan and Kayla are so sweet and make us feel so welcome with each visit. It speaks volumes when they remember you and your children and welcome you by name. You will not be disappointed with this practice!

  • Shawn & Amanda Bennett

    Just Us Kids has seen our daughter since birth. We're happy to have found a group of people who are committed to caring for her, and seeing her grow and thrive. From making appointments to getting advice and referrals, everyone is very friendly and tries to make getting the help we need easy.

  • John & Casey Mussell

    We are so thankful to have our girls at Just Us Kids Pediatrics. From the office staff to the medical providers, we know they are receiving the very best care.

  • Matt & Karee Yates

    Our family began a relationship with Just Us Kids pediatrics when they first opened their doors. This practice has been such a blessing to us in so many ways. My oldest daughter has been under their care since she was just a year old. As a first time mom I learned amazing ways to care for her through Dr. Justice. Dr. Justice was able to ease concerns and easily determine sicknesses. To say I had a high opinion of her was an understatement. Then, in 2012 we had a son, Noah, with special needs. He only lived for 6 weeks, but during that time Dr. Justice was readily available for late night phone calls and last minute appointments. She was a gift from God during this time. Her medical expertise and her determination to give Noah the best possible care during his life was the most precious gift I could have received. I will never forget the morning he died how she showed up at our doorstep with flowers and cried with us over his loss. She is more than an amazing doctor. She is a wonderful person. The entire staff at Just Us Kids is courteous and friendly. We receive warm and professional care from all of the doctors and assistants we have seen at Just Us Kids. I cannot say enough good things about this practice!

  • Randy & Suzanne Burgess

    We have been seeing Dr. Justice for over ten years and cannot say enough great things about her and the office staff! It is very easy to schedule an appointment. Dr. Justice is always thorough, patient, and helpful to our four. As a parent, I always walk away feeling like my children have received great care. She is exceptional with children!

  • Carsten & Michayla Best

    We love Just Us Kids because they allow us, as the parents, to be involved in the medical decisions for our children. The staff are encouraging and friendly, and they will always answer any question an over tired, worried mom might have, with a smile. Dr. Justice truly cares and has a nurturing heart for each child. For us personally it is great that she understands what it is to raise twins!